At WEEE Scotland we extend the life of our customers electrical and electronic assets through repair, refurbishment and remanufacturing. Through this process we help businesses across the UK to become more sustainable, driving down cost, time and carbon footprint.

We place creativity and innovative thinking at the forefront of the business.

Our team applies our expertise in repair, refurbishment and remanufacturing, to deliver the most resource efficient solutions available, helping businesses across the UK to transition to a circular economy.

From simple repairs to the remanufacturing of complex components, our Refurbishment Centre returns used products to a condition that matches or exceeds equivalent ‘new’ products in terms of performance, safety and warranty.

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Data-driven support

Beyond our capabilities in repair and remanufacturing, we support our customers in providing detailed and result driven data, generated from our bespoke software. This powerful data can be used to generate reports that predict end-of-life for component parts and can quickly identify poor performance and reoccurring faults.

Working in Partnership

Our dedicated account managers and customer service operatives work in partnership with our customers to interpret product data, identify opportunities for more resource efficient processes, and can even manage the transport and logistics involved in putting repaired and remanufactured parts back into circulation.

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